About Us and Our Mission

StatLinkChinaTrading was formed when two consultants with combined thirty years of marketing, finance and business development experience working as consultants to top organisations and SMEs decided to pool resources to create a consulting business to help companies scale their eCommerce.

The best business ideas are borne out of passion and dedication. And so it is with StatLinkChinaTrading.com. “We don’t just talk, we can walk the talk”.

With the combination of positive indicators; 1.4 billion people, three out of four people shopping online, 58% of people purchasing foreign goods, sheer size of eCommerce market in China ($1.6 trillion), the largest smartphone market across the globe, phenomenal eCommerce sales that’s generated on just one day of the year ($25 billion) and other positive metrics, StatLinkChinaTrading was formed to help foreign companies sell to China.

David Davis decided to go down the entrepreneurial path after qualifying as an accountant. He has more than twenty-three years experience working for top organisations in financial services, retail, media, manufacturing, publishing, oil & gas, facilities management, broadcasting, pharmaceuticals, mining, telecommunications and many more.David has also worked for the Bank of China.David has a wealth of marketing, finance, business development and systems experience.

Below Is Just Some Of The Brands That David Has Worked With:

With clients selling physical products via several eCommerce platforms and the challenges they face in scaling their business, David decided to collaborate with an internet company based in China. This relationship enables foreign companies to scale their eCommerce business by selling to the Chinese without setting a foot in China.

Solange Siqueira De Almeida is the second co-founder. She is steeped in customer relationship management and is a qualified translator.
Solange Siqueira De Almeida

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to apply innovative solutions to helping our clients to generate above stock market return on their eCommerce business.